Classroom Connect’s December/January2006 Connected Newsletter


Lesson Plan Goldmines, p. 3

American Folklore Lessons




Ceramics and Pottery


Teaching Econ


Teaching Writing


Cover Story, pp 4–6

Technology Leadership: Enhancing Positive Educational Change


Promoting Technology Use in Schools


Developing a School or District Technology Plan


ISTE Educator Resources


The Successful Technology Facilitator


Working with Reluctant Teachers;jsessionid=GZ3JTNUY0YH0YQSNDBCSKHQ?articleID=18401198


Students to the Rescue


Technology Coordinator: An Impossible Job?


Connected Calendar, p. 7

Jan Brett


Georges Seurat


Clean Air Act


Everglades National Park




Mary Azarian


Louis Pasteur








Kathleen Blanco




January 06

Ellis Island


Mars Exploration




Alvin Ailey


New Mexico

Richard Nixon


Samuel Slater




Iza Trapani




Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Crossword Puzzle






Healthy Eating




California Gold Rush




Angelina Ballerina


Rosemary Wells


Fort Mandan


Snow Leoards


Destinations, 8–9

TimeForKids: Asian Tsunami,6709,1013398,00.html


USGS: Earthquakes for Kids


Caring for Children in Troubled Times


NOAA: National Weather Service


Tsunami Visualizations


December 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami


Tsunami The Great Waves


NOAA: Tsunami


Understanding Tsunamis


How Tsunamis Work


Catching a Tsunami in the Act


Tsunami Characteristics


Enchanted Learning: Tsunami Printable Booklet


Plate Tectonics


Causes of Tsunamis


Tsunami Causes




Tsunami Warning


Tsunamis: What Should You Do?


Hazards Fact Sheet: Tsunami


Helping Children Cope With Disaster


Indian Ocean Earthquake


NOAA Reacts Quickly to Indonesian Tsunami


December 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami


2004 Sumatra Earthquake


Deadliest Tsunamis


The Why Files: Tsunamis


Biggest Tsunami Countdown


Grand Banks Earthquake and Tsunami


Software Applications, HyperStudio, pp 10–11



System Requirements


Hyper About HyperStudio


Building Learning with Technology: HyperStudio Tutorial


HyperStudio Tutorials


How To Get Your HyperStudio Stacks On the Web


Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores (Mac or Windows)


Thirteen Ed Online: HyperStudio Projects


Creating Talking Books with HyperStudio 4


“Hyper” Story Problems for Grade 2


Native Americans in the Natural World


Earth Science HyperStudio Stacks (Mac)


Fun with HyperStudio: President Projects


Interactive Math


Movement in Our Neighborhood


HyperStudio Resources (Mac)


Using HyperStudio in the Classroom


Creating Electronic Portfolios


ESSDACK: Examples of Electronic Portfolios


HyperStudio Project Rubric


Multimedia Project Rubric


U.S. History Timeline


A+ Web Gallery, p. 12–13



EyeWitness to History


Newton’s Window


I Love That Teaching Idea


Landmark Cases


Mudd Math Fun Facts






Greece Athena Middle School: WebQuests


Knowing Poe


Wired Success, p. 14



Kids’ Corner, p. 15

Kids’ Planet


We Can!


KIDPROJ Multicultural Calendar


Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids


The World of Ezra Jack Keats


PBS: Pyramids


Feature Story, Science and the Web, p. 16–18

Emily Carr At Home and at Work


Starry Messenger Project


Come Fly With Me!


The Franklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlists


Science NetLinks


ASEE Engineering K12 Center




Explorations Through Time


Bill Nye the Science Guy


Eric Weisstein’s World of Scientific Biography


National Science Foundation


NASA Education


Why Files


Forensics in the Classroom


The Museum of Unnatural Mystery


Smithsonian: Science and Technology


San Francisco Exploratorium


American Museum of Natural History


The Internet Public Library


Science Tracer Bullets Online


Science Reference Services


Everyday Mysteries


The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education


Science WebQuests


Internet Quests: Web 201


Ask Dr. Universe


Ask a Scientist


MadSci Network


Science Fair Theme Page


How To Put on a Great Science Fair!


Annenberg CPB Channel


Live @ Exploratorium


Math Feature, p. 19

Virtual Manipulative: Percentages


Fraction Bars Applet


A Conceptual Model for Solving Percent Problems


Comparing Fractions and Percentages


Circle Grapher


Pie Chart


AAA Math: Percents and Ratios


Mission Magnetite


Penguin Waiter


Percent Jeopardy


Comparing All Three


QuickMath: Percent Solver


Percent Change Calculator


3-Way Percent Calculator


Technology Tips, p. 20


Teacher Toolkit


Global Projects, p. 21

CyberTeen Magazine


My Town Is Important


The Investigators


Project Atmosphere Australia Online


Internet Activities, pp 22–23

Folktales from China


Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales


Ancient Chinese Fables


Children’s Literature for Chinese New Year


New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Photo Gallery


Foods of the Chinese New Year


Chinese Rice Cake Recipe


How People Make Fortune Cookies


Fortune Cookies Recipe


Chinese New Year Art Activties


Crafts and Activities for Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Red Couplets


Chinese Word for Luck


Chinese Calendar


Chinese Zodiac


Martin Luther King: Biography


Martin Luther King, Jr: A Biographical Sketch


Martin Luther King, Jr.,_Jr.


The Seattle Times: Martin Luther King, Jr.


Martin Luther King, Jr.


MLK Online


MLK Papers: Popular Requests


MLK Day of Service


Youth Service America


A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial


The King Center